Troc Hours, to share hours of DIY between individuals

Troc Hours, to share hours of DIY between individuals

Castorama launches the first DIY mutual assistance platform between individuals, the Troc Heures. A good way to exchange know-how and time.

Les Troc Heures: a fundamental trend

The community, the D system, second-hand markets, bartering, recycling are all fundamental trends which show that the French are more than ever looking for good deals. The Troc Hours are therefore riding this trend, the principle of which is simple: exchanging know-how and time between individuals to learn how to tinker together. Because we all have expertise to share.

Troc Hours, to tinker "economically"

When you don't have the skills or the financial means to hire a professional, exchanging free DIY hours between individuals is a real good idea. You want to redo your tiling but your thing, it is rather gardening, you are gifted in electricity but the decoration, you know nothing about it… The site allows you to find near you someone ready to help you and who will wait for your help in return.

Troc Hours, a simple concept of access

You start by registering on the site personal information, skills, availability ... Registration is done in a few clicks. Once registered, barter can start and you can access all the announcements and get in touch with all the members of the Troc Heures. To you the nice DIY! To register :