How to decorate a children's room on a Chinese theme?

How to decorate a children's room on a Chinese theme?

Gaëlle's question


Answer: red lacquered furniture, satin cushions and kokeshi dolls

Hello Gaëlle, to decorate the room of your 8 year old daughter in the Asian spirit (very trendy) while keeping a childish atmosphere, I advise you to keep the walls clear and to add colorful touches with the furniture and the lights . A beautiful red or green lacquered wardrobe with patinated and aged metal fittings will immediately set the tone! In addition, you can choose a Japanese paper ball lamp on the ceiling, have 2/3 colored cushions in silk or satin superimposed on the floor as a beanbag on which your daughter can settle down to receive her friends, read ... In addition, you can place on a piece of furniture, a Japanese kokeshi doll (several sizes available) in painted wood which all the little girls love at the moment and which you can easily find in shops or on the Internet. These dolls also exist in the form of stickers that you can stick on a door or on a wall. You too, send us your decoration question