Design kitchens signed Philippe Starck and Warendorf

Design kitchens signed Philippe Starck and Warendorf

Remember Miele kitchens. They have now changed their name to become Warendorf kitchens. For the occasion, designer Philippe Starck imagines four different models of kitchen that combine "the living" and "the cooking", design and functionality. From this collaboration comes kitchens that are functional, aesthetic and unexpected. The innovative talent of Starck combined with the technicality and the rigor of Warendorf kitchens gives a very particular cachet to these kitchens which, although unique, happen to be radically different from each other to ultimately conform to the personality of each.

The Duality kitchen

The Duality kitchen has two facets. A very functional kitchen side and a storage side for double-sided use of the module. In the center, a white niche, like a serving hatch, for the worktop and cooking area.

The Library kitchen

Unique and original concept, it is, as its name suggests, in English, a library kitchen! It also has its storage space for books around the kitchen unit. Ideal for enthusiasts of multiple cookbooks!

The Primary kitchen

It mixes an aspect that is both classic and modern, for an aspect sometimes futuristic, sometimes baroque, in particular with its lacquered facades and decorative engravings.

The Tower kitchen

Surprising and deconstructed, this kitchen is composed of three removable elements which will allow its owner to adapt it according to his way of life and his personality. These are multifunctional rotary lathes entirely covered with makore wood, and a kitchen island mounted on tulip chrome legs intended to receive the kitchen sink, the hob, the worktop and the hob. cooked. To discover without further delay on: