A country baby room

A country baby room

A bit of a pastoral touch, a touch of romance, fresh, soft and natural, the country decor will suit perfectly in baby's room. No need to overload the decoration: with a few well-chosen elements, you will give your baby's room a poetic and tender country style.

Clear and fresh shades

First, favor light and fresh tones. Ecru and colors like mauve, sky blue, very pale red will immediately give the bedroom wall a romantic look, perfect for creating a country setting. For furniture, also stay on furniture with soft colors. The raw pine will be perfect and will give a very country style. You can also play on furniture with an aged appearance, white patina, for example, which will reinforce the bucolic side.

Patterns and accessories: liberty, sheep and butterflies ...

Then play on the patterns: on the curtains, the bed veil, or even a section of the wall, bet on small, very discreet flowers in liberty style , perfect for increasing the country atmosphere. Choose some stickers where you will favor small birds, butterflies, flowers and small mills , animal motifs that typically evoke a country setting will also be welcome: sheep and frogs for example… Still in the same themes, decline the mobile, the lighting, and why not some decorative garlands. You will see that the Scrapbook and Whirligig collections from Mamas & papas are particularly suitable for decorating your baby's room in a soft, country style.