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5 tips for cleaning your doors

5 tips for cleaning your doors

1. To clean white doors

Everyone knows that white is messy. Doors, furniture, white walls, they require twice as much maintenance. And this is all the more true when you have young children who put their hands (not always very clean) everywhere, leaving traces on their path. Without counting the traces of felt or paint for the most creative… In short, you often have to go behind them to clean these white surfaces (originally). To give new life to white doors, nothing simpler than this tip transmitted by our grandmothers: cut a potato in half and rub with it. Rinse with a clean, damp sponge and the stains are gone! And if really, you have the impression after a few years that your doors are greyish, nothing prevents you from ironing a little paint to refresh them. And don't forget to disinfect and clean the handles!

2. For a wooden door

The cleaning a wooden door must be done regularly. If your door has a flat surface, you just need to remove any dust in the corners and then clean it with a few drops of detergent and hot water, rubbing lightly with a non-abrasive sponge. If your door is carved, insist on the corners to remove as much dirt as possible. Rinse well then to remove the remaining washing up liquid. Then half open your door and make the contours and edges with a damp cloth or sponge. Rinse the sponge from time to time so as not to spread the dirt all along the door. Again, we clean the handles well.

3. For an entry door

The front door is surely the dirtiest door and in particular the outside side, continuously exposed to bad weather (cold, snow, wind, hot weather, etc.). For cleaning and maintaining a door steel, aluminum or PVC entry, it is much simpler than a wooden door. Avoid as much as possible corrosive products such as acetone or bleach which may damage your door and simply prefer hot water and soap by gently rubbing with a sponge. Of course, rinse and then wipe your door properly. If you have a wooden door, this will require more rigor. First remove any dust and cobwebs that may have been installed. Then, clean them regularly with soap and hot water there too and if you have not already done so, coat them with a varnish to protect them from shocks, heat, cold but also critters.

4. For a closet door

Whether white, gray or black, your closet doors are also entitled to a little regular cleaning. Often a cleaning cloth is enough, but you can also simply clean it with soap and water. Rub the inside, the handle, the contours as well as the outside of your closet to restore all its shine. Where you need to clean your cupboards the most will surely be in the kitchen. So to make your kitchen shine, remember to maintain your furniture and therefore your cupboards!

5. Glass doors

The bay windows have been on the rise in recent years and bring a very designer look to modern interiors. When it comes to cleaning the glass doors by this is also meant the shower screens in bathrooms. To clean your bay windows, use a special window spray. Spray your surfaces with this product and rub with a cloth (microfibers preferably) or a squeegee if you have, in order to remove the dirt. The same applies to your shower screen, except for one thing: unlike your bay windows, the shower screen accumulates lime scale if you do not maintain it regularly. To do this, spray warm white vinegar on the surface, then rub with a sponge or cloth to thoroughly clean the glass. Rinse your wall with water and voila! And to prevent your wall from getting dirty, wipe a squeegee every day after your shower to prevent water from stagnating and turning into limescale.