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How to clean a polished concrete floor or wall?

How to clean a polished concrete floor or wall?

The specifics of cleaning polished concrete

It is not difficult to clean a waxed concrete covering, whether for walls or floors, but nothing comparable with tiling either. What is special about waxed concrete? It is a "living" material, in the sense that it is organic, composed of natural materials, and therefore evolving. The covering installed and unchanged ten years later, we forget: the polished concrete has a patina and over time, gradually loses its wax, and therefore its impermeability.

For preserve waxed concrete as long as possible, cleaning must therefore exclude all aggressive products, in other words acids. Exit bleach, vinegar, ammonia and chemicals in general ... as well as alcohol, acid too! As for the cleaner used, it must have a neutral pH to avoid damaging the coating, and the champion of value for money is none other than black soap.

Dusting a waxed concrete covering

On a daily basis, a waxed concrete floor collects dust and even brings it out. To clean it, you simply take out the brooms or the vacuum cleaner, once or twice a week, which is generally enough to keep your home clean. If the waxed concrete is applied to the walls, a rag from time to time is enough, the vertical surface retaining less dust than a floor.

Cleaning a waxed concrete covering

If the waxed concrete floor requires leaching, the chemicals are zapped for a natural cleaner with neutral pH. Black soap is ideal and inexpensive, simply mixed with water in a bucket. No need to flood the floor to wash it, a mop immersed in the mixture then well wrung out is more effective and softer for the coating. In the event of a stain, a cloth or sponge without a scraper is used to locally rub the polished concrete.

Cleaning a stain on a polished concrete covering

Waxed concrete does not like grease or acidity. Fortunately, a well applied and well treated concrete does not get stained with each spraying, but again, the protective wax is damaged in the long run. Good reflexes? In the case of alcohol or other acidic substance spilled, it is first wiped thoroughly before wash waxed concrete with black soap, without excess water. With grease, we absorb the surplus using paper towels, then cover the stain with talc. An hour later, we vacuum. In both cases, if the coating has been attacked, a wax is applied to restore the protection.

Maintain waxed concrete for the long term

No matter how clean the polished concrete is, it evolves, and the wax that protects it ends up being damaged. Waxed concrete is a floor covering which is maintained, on the walls as on the ground, the frequency depending on the use and the passage. A worktop or splashback in waxed concrete exposed to grease, water, shock and frequent cleaning, for example, spoils faster than a wall in the dining room. Same thing for a floor in a passageway, compared to a wall away. In this case, the application of a protective wax keeps the coating waterproof, so that it can be cleaned without difficulty.