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Laying floor tiles

Laying floor tiles

The tiles are terracotta tiles, often red and hexagonal in shape. We often meet them in Provence. They give an undeniable charm to your interior.

Laying floor tiles: preparation for laying

Beforehand, the tomettes should be soaked in water for at least a day. Indeed, as they are very porous, without this operation, they risk absorbing water from the mortar. In the case of second hand tiles, you must soak them longer, in water to which a little hydrochloric acid is added, in order to remove any trace of lime. Then we prepare the screed, mixing sand, lime and water. The recommended dose is approximately five volumes of sand for one or two volumes of lime, depending on the desired thickness. Then, there are cleats or plastic strips at regular intervals, to more easily measure the level of the screed. We can then pour the preparation on the support, taking care to keep the flatness.

Laying the floor tiles

Then, place the tiles side by side, without leaving a vacuum, filling an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 1 m². The operation is repeated until the part is completely coated. Regularly, using a rubber mallet, we check the uniformity of the installation. To avoid possible cuts at the end of the line, do not hesitate to space the tiles very slightly as you go. Remember to regularly remove traces of lime with a damp sponge. After respecting a few days of drying, you can prepare the joint mortar. To do this, mix lime or cement with sand and water. Then distribute it over the tiles, taking care to thoroughly impregnate the location of the joints. Remove the excess with a sponge. It is advisable to respect a drying time of at least a month and a half before you can walk on it.