How to paint varnished alder furniture?

How to paint varnished alder furniture?

Question from Jean-Luc

"Hello, I want to paint my alder furniture varnished in ivory white (Gustavian style): how to do it? Thank you for your answer."

Answer: sand, paint the furniture with a white gray acrylic paint and apply browning cream on the edges for a "frosted" effect

Hello Jean-Luc, you want to paint your furniture in alder varnished in ivory white, Gustavian style. To do this, you will first need to sand your furniture, clean it before painting it with a gray white acrylic paint, mat finish. To give a slight mark of time on the edges, you will need to impregnate the edges with a browning cream (available in all major DIY stores) and allow to dry. Then, you will need to apply a light coat of white acrylic paint with a brush and without waiting for it to be completely dry, wipe with a cloth to remove a little paint. This will give a "frosted" effect to your furniture. You too, send us your decoration question