Build a pool kit

Build a pool kit

The pool kit has the advantage of being economical. However, you can wade at the cost of some effort. Depending on the model chosen, you have to be a good handyman and have time. Note that most manufacturers of kit swimming pools offer an after-sales service or assembly assistance.

Composition of a pool kit

There are as many kits as there are pool models. Also, the choice often depends on the technical mastery of its buyer. The kit generally includes a structure according to the materials, a filtration system, a set of parts relating to maintenance, a liner (waterproof coating) and accessories such as a staircase. To avoid inflating your bill, make sure the kit includes all of the installation items you need.

Above-ground pools in kit form

These are the simplest kits to assemble. Supplied with its assembly instructions, the above-ground pool requires little or no earthwork. Made up of modular panels, it is a question of assembling them by clipping them for example. The kit must include a set of parts necessary to ensure its installation, safety and comfort. The choice of this type of pool is vast: wooden, steel, round, oval ...

Pools buried in kit

The inground pool is durable. It is then a question of thinking of the ideal location for implantation according to several criteria. Requiring work, it is not within the reach of any handyman and requires a good aptitude in manual work. Its structure is made up of blocks, hulls or panels in different materials. If there is any doubt, it is necessary to call in a technician because its quality and durability also depend on its installation.