How to decorate the office in the living room?

How to decorate the office in the living room?

Because you work at home or just because you need a place to store papers and sort mail, you decided to create an office space in your living room. The thing being understood, it is now necessary to take action but how to create this corner office and especially how to decorate it?

Harmony or opposition

To arrange your workspace in your living room, you have two solutions: either you decide to blend it into the environment so that it is as discreet as possible, or you prefer to play on contrasts in order to clearly delimit your office area. In the first case, choose a piece of furniture in the same tones as your living room furniture or a transparent glass desk. There are also retractable offices which, once closed, will make themselves invisible. With the second option, we mark the transition, for example by painting one end of the wall in a different color or by adding a strip of original wallpaper.

Favor storage and order

Whatever the solution chosen, it will in any case be methodical with storage. As the living room is the family room, your office area cannot be messy because you risk losing important papers. Once the work is done, you must therefore make sure to make room for it, either by installing drawers under the desk or by installing high shelves on which boxes and storage space is placed.

Create an office in his image

If you do not have the possibility of completely retracting the office, it will then be necessary to take care to keep the convivial atmosphere of the living room. For this, we will add to his desk a colorful lamp and we will decorate the walls with some decorative frames for a more relaxed atmosphere.