Justin Timberlake embarks on interior design

Justin Timberlake embarks on interior design

Justin already has several strings to his bow. His musical career is well established, he has completely exploded the box office as a pop / R & B star, and has converted brilliantly into cinema where he pursues an acting career. Today, he embarks on interior decoration with the famous designer Estee Stanley, who darling of American stars. At just 31 years old, Justin Timberlake touches on a third area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise and opens the doors to his collection called HOMEMINT developed with his friend and interior designer Estee Stanley.

Justin Timberlake and his decor codes

"A house should also be an expression of who you are, and a style that sticks to what you are! It's not that different from fashion" Justin understood the basics of decoration, and put a point of honor to give meaning to his creations, just like his collaborator. He is certainly a beginner in this field, but he is determined, full of ideas and guided by a famous interior decorator and designer. Justin offers a decoration that will speak to each individual, thanks to a variety of choices. "The imagination must not be inaccessible" he said during an interview. One would have expected incredible prices because of the notoriety of the creators. And yet. The singer made sure to stay in affordable prices, and preferential rates will be offered to subscribers to the online site. Prices start at $ 10.

What exactly do Justin and Estee offer?

The collection should include a wide range of household items. Dishes, linens, small furniture, but also purely decorative accessories. The entire collection will be exclusively available and sold on the online site during the month of May at, to members who will pay 10 dollars per month in this case, in exchange for a reduction on the collection, but also to individuals who are not members of the site, who will not however benefit from a discount.

Why go into decoration

Justin says it himself, he doesn't think he would have done it if his friend Estee wasn't with him on this adventure. They have known each other for a long time, especially because the designer took care of the interior decoration of the singer. Their collaboration is the result of an opportunity they have seized. Their collection is inspired by European and oriental influences, but also by their personal tastes.