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Trendy bed linen for teens

Trendy bed linen for teens

It is the difficult period when their personality develops, one they need to assert themselves at the same time as they feel the need to isolate themselves and to live in a world apart, very personal. their tastes change, their ideas take on character ... and the decor of their room in which they reflect their identity must follow and be up to their personality ... However, their desires will change and the decor of their room may quickly become obsolete. Rather than betting on a total look, play on easily replaceable accessories… and bed linen! Textile graphic designers have taken up the themes that teens adore and in which they find themselves to use on quilts, sheets and pillowcases: you will inevitably find the finery that suits your teenager!

Colorful, graphic or… romantic look!

In general, teens like colors that flash but obviously the big seventies flowers will not frankly pack them ... Rather, bet on a modern design, geometric shapes and an ultra graphic look . For young girls, bet on very "lovely" graphic patterns or for the most romantic of them, for downright liberty patterns .

Urban atmosphere, London rock spirit or Street Art style

In terms of themes, it will strongly depend on the personality of your youngster, but some themes are recurrent in teen fashion. Urban style patterns and for example London pop rock spirit with its English flag on the rise. The atmosphere BD, Manga or even graffiti can also do the trick. And for the most rebellious among them, fashion "skull" is popular!