What colors for a bright interior?

What colors for a bright interior?

The beautiful days are there and with them the desire to immerse our interior in a big bath of colors! Fresh, summery, sweet, dynamic, there is no shortage of nuances to illuminate your home sweet home. So let the light in by following these tips.

White in moderation

When we think of a bright interior, we imagine white walls on which the light would be reflected and bathe our interior with sun even in winter. But white remains a false good idea for Catherine Filoche, consultant stylist at Dulux Valentine: "The concern with white is its annoying tendency to crush volumes and make everything flat. If you have a real affection for this color, keep them ceilings, window and door frames in this shade and paint the walls in another shade. "

Spotlight on pastel shades

To bring light to your interior, get your hands on yellow! Bright par excellence, yellow is also a dynamic color. "The interest with this nuance, explains Catherine Filoche, is that you can play on tart versions with colors like the Lemon Sorbet by Dulux Valentine or on the contrary on the Jaune Jaune Orient to bring warmth to your atmosphere "Very appropriate also to illuminate your interior: pastel and clear shades. Colors that attract and reflect light such as ivory, pale blue, powder pink. On the other hand, banish warm colors like red, brown or even purple, unsuitable for a room where natural light is lacking. For your paintings, bet on satin for their naturally shiny appearance. Still on the paint side, you can also opt for those that provide an iridescent effect, they will bring a decorative touch to your atmosphere with their sparkles.

From walls to floors

If painting often remains the preferred coating, wallpaper is not to be excluded. You can choose it in shades there too clear or decorated with satin patterns that will return the light. Regarding the floors, the same recommendation as for the walls, use clear and neutral colors, whatever the covering: parquet, carpet, tiles or PVC. And don't forget that a bright interior is also based on the choice of your furniture and decorative accessories.