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Pastel trend in the house

Pastel trend in the house

Fashion greatly inspires decoration and trends on catwalks once again end up in our interiors. For spring, it is the pastel colors that will prevail in your closet as much as the other rooms in the house. decryption

What are pastel colors?

Each year, the first rays of the spring sun give us the desire for colors that are both soft, refreshing and joyful. For the 2012 season, these colors are then all found in pastels because they are clear and tender. The pastel colors then offer a style between charming decor and the return to childhood. What to seduce!

How to use them in the house?

Just like in fashion, we avoid the total look or risk seeing its interior transformed into marshmallow. However, we enter these colors by keys to bring touches of light colors that will bring out all the rest of your decor. Then think of all the decorative objects that are easy to add such as cushions, throws, bed linen or even dishes. Be aware that even household appliances get started! Then you can go a step further by focusing on small changes like the doors of your kitchen cupboards that you can replace or cover with adhesive for a new look. Finally, if pastel colors particularly appeal to you, why not bet on a soft pink or almond green wall?