Renovating a floor with resin

Renovating a floor with resin

Whether you have a tile or concrete floor, resin can be extremely effective in renovating it. Many kits of colored epoxy resin exist in the trade to facilitate the task, and the installation in this case.

Preparing the soil for renovation

Before laying the resin on your floor, it is necessary to strip it. You can do this by rubbing your floor, if it is tiled, with alcohol, and using a wire brush for the joints. Then, sand your floor using an electric sander so that it can adhere to the resin afterwards. Vacuum to remove any remaining dust. Finally, the installation of the resin must be done under optimal conditions. To do this, ventilate the room in which you work, turn off the heating, and protect yourself by wearing gloves, a mask, or even glasses.

Resin application

Mix the resin with the hardener using a mixer attached to a drill, and make it completely homogeneous. Let the dough rest, then apply it to the floor with a long-handled roller, having previously dipped it in hot water to avoid the deposit of dust. Let the resin dry for two days. For high-gloss finishes, start by applying a protective layer on your floor, in the same way as you did before for the resin. This layer can be satin, mirror or mat according to your wishes. Let it dry for a while and you are left with like-new soil.