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Video: a floral arrangement to offer during a baptism

Video: a floral arrangement to offer during a baptism

Everything is ready for the celebration of your child's baptism. But have you thought of offering a small souvenir to the guests? Do not panic ! In the gift / event series, the editorial team will show you how to create a floral creation yourself that should delight your future guests…

Watch the video :

Level: way Completion time : 5-10 minutes Indicative cost : 30 € Flowers needed: Lisianthus + Mimi Eden roses + snowballs + oasis moss Necessary material : metal hoop + flowerpot + a decorative ribbon

Steps :

- Place moistened oasis moss in the pot, this will feed the flowers with water - Stitch a metal hoop in the moss - Stitch a liana in the moss - Wrap it around the hoop - Proceed in the same way with a second liana - Cut pieces of decorative ribbons - Tie them around the lianas and the hoop in order to bind them well - Stitch lisianthus, snowballs and Mimi Eden roses in the foam edge of the pot The little extra decoration: to bring even more poetic sweetness to the composition, attach a small teddy bear to the headband by tying it with a piece of ribbon. This puts more emphasis on the celebration of a baptism. Creation and flowers: Watercolor