Choosing a luminaire for the attic: all our tips

Choosing a luminaire for the attic: all our tips

An attic light adapted to the room

The choice of lighting is not only determined by the roof space but by the room that constitutes it. Generally, the attic is used as a bedroom, storage room, or even an office. For good visual comfort, the suspended lamp or the ceiling lamp win all the votes. The spots are also ideal for roof spaces with delicate configurations. Easy to install, they can be positioned by hanging lights or fixed rows that will light up even the smallest corners or certain areas. In the case of an office, adding a lamp or reading light is preferable to avoid any annoying shade on your worktop.

Low-energy lighting

The luminaires installed in the attic must be able to light but without being aggressive. To favor soft lighting, it is therefore better to bet on energy-efficient luminaires, such as LEDs and low-energy bulbs. Wall lights, known to be indirect lighting, diffuse a soft light and will give your roof spaces a little more intimate setting. This cozy atmosphere is particularly ideal for the attic fulfilling the bedroom function.