Prepare your terrace for sunny days

Prepare your terrace for sunny days

Moisture, moss, mold sometimes gives a poor appearance to the terrace during the winter. So let's take advantage of spring to give a clean look to our outdoor space, whether it is in stone, tiles or wood.

Clean your stone patio

A stone terrace, whether natural stone or reconstituted stone, requires good cleaning every year to regain all its luster. Are you tempted to give it a kick with Kärcher? Drop this idea, which may do more harm than good to the stone. Also avoid unnatural detergents and abrasive products. Nothing like a good cleaning with a brush and black soap or soda. Do not skimp on the elbow grease to obtain a satisfactory result. If there are oily stains, clean them with Marseille soap. And if foams have developed, use a specific anti-foam product. After cleaning, apply a water-repellent product to the terrace, which will have the effect of waterproofing it for a few months.

Clean your tiled or terracotta patio

The tiled terraces support great cleaning, even with strong detergents. On the other hand, be careful if your terrace is made of terracotta tiles because these are porous and absorb stains. The best way to clean a terra cotta patio is to scrub it with a broom and water with crystals of soda or baking soda. You can use a Kärcher type pressure washer but have a light hand! And like a stone terrace, consider waterproofing the floor with a specific product.

Clean your wooden deck

Wood is very fashionable for terraces but it requires regular maintenance. Some species take on a gray tint over time, which owners often like. But if you want to keep the wood its original color, you will have to follow a few rules. When spring arrives, do a good cleaning with a broom and soapy water. This will remove the mosses that have grown during the winter, making the terrace dull and sometimes slippery underfoot. Repeat this operation another time in the year. After cleaning, apply a protective oil which will prevent the wood from graying. If the terrace is already heavily gray, use a powdered shampoo (to be used only once a year to avoid damaging the wood). And if the wood on the terrace is really in very bad condition, apply a saturator which will bring out the pigments in the wood and allow it to regain almost its original color.