Paint parquet

Paint parquet

Lighter or darker? Painting your parquet gives it a second life. You have different options…

Preparation of the parquet to be painted

Whether new or old, the parquet must be perfectly clean and sanded before applying a paint. Electric or steel wool sanding will guarantee a much more durable paint.

Different parquet paints for different renderings

Depending on whether you want to highlight or not the grain of the wood, you will opt for a transparent or covering paint. Several kinds adapt to this type of surface: the stains, very transparent and which permeate in the wood. Acrylic paints, not very resistant and which require varnish to be protected. They are also transparent. Finally, specific paints for floors ensure a good level of resistance. They are covering but offer few choices of colors.

Applying paint to the parquet

During the painting phase, start on the side opposite the door so that you can exit without having to step on the freshly painted coating. If you have chosen an acrylic paint, do not forget to mix it with 10% (maximum) of white spirit. Apply a first coat of paint using a roller. Once dry, sand the surface with fine abrasive. Dust and apply a second coat. If you notice any imperfections, repounce again. For acrylic, it is necessary to add a layer of sealer varnish. Patterns can also decorate your floors to give them a special cachet. Use stencils for this.