Glazing parquet

Glazing parquet

To restore shine to your parquet, vitrification is an effective and simple solution.

Thoroughly clean the parquet before glazing it

Before glazing a parquet, it must be sanded. Use a sander over the entire floor surface. Don't leave a trace if you want a perfect result. For finishes, a coarse abrasive, then an abrasive of the triple 0 type, are ideal. Vacuum the room to leave no dust that would interfere with the vitrification of the parquet. The quality of the final result depends on this cleaning phase.

Spread the varnish to vitrify a parquet

Using a spalter brush, apply the varnish to the surface of the floor. To facilitate your movement, start from the back of the room to finish at the door. It is important to stretch the product layers well in the direction of the wood grain. Leave to dry for the time indicated on the varnish instructions. More layers, for a more convincing result. When the varnish is completely dry, lightly sand the parquet with a fine abrasive. Then vacuum and remove the dust residue with a damp cloth. You can then apply a new coat. The operation can be repeated if you want a very shiny and resistant parquet. Once finished, the vitrified parquet can benefit from polish and be polished to gain even more luster.