Save electricity with solar energy

Save electricity with solar energy

To save electricity, solar energy can come into play. With a few installations, the sun can produce electricity or heat. This makes it possible to be autonomous in terms of energy but also to use clean energy to preserve the planet. Explanations.

Photovoltaics for the home

Solar panels are growing more and more on the roofs of houses. With this type of installation, electricity can be produced for personal consumption or to resell to EDF. Moreover, it is also a way to earn money because EDF buys the kWh more expensive than what we pay for it. This income can also allow you to reimburse the rather expensive purchase of the installation and then serve as additional income. Note that it takes approximately 7 years to amortize integrated solar panels and 10 years for over-taxed panels.

Solar thermal for the home

Thermal solar is not to be confused with photovoltaic solar. In fact, this is a system which makes it possible to heat the domestic water and therefore produce heat and not electricity. The water heats up passing through the solar thermal panels and it is transmitted to the hot water tank in order to be consumed. When there is no sun, you use conventional energy such as electricity for example. You should know that this device is cheaper than photovoltaic panels and that it is amortized thanks to the energy savings that we realize.

Daily solar energy

On a daily basis, you can also use solar energy to save some money. Indeed, there are many devices that operate on this energy. For example, you can light the garden or your office with solar lights, recharge batteries with a solar charger, listen to the radio or even have a barbecue that uses this energy.