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What color should you give to a spring living room?

What color should you give to a spring living room?

To give a spring air to your interior, nothing like the colors! But not all colors are appropriate for creating a spring atmosphere. Here are some tips to help you choose the right color to enjoy spring in your home.

Very bright colors

To bring cheerfulness instantly to your interior, dare the bright colors! You can then choose green or bright yellow but also red or blue in a sustained tone. Color, whether on walls or in decorative accessories, will energize your room to give it a new vitality specific to spring. Know that the sofa is often a good piece to highlight thanks to the color. Green will of course be the color of choice because it directly evokes the awakening nature. And as the sun enters through your windows, the colors will be even more highlighted.

Pastel colors

If you prefer a soft and delicate atmosphere like the spring flowers, prefer pastel colors. Soothing, they will give a chic feminine style to your living room. You can opt for pale pink, sky blue or almond green. If you do not want to paint a wall, do not hesitate to bet on accessories that will bring the softness of pastels like a cushion, a vase or even fresh flowers. Know that pastel colors will adapt very well with a decoration in white or gray tones for example.

Bright colors

Finally, know that to give a spring air to your living room, you can play the card of light. In fact, by opting for very light colors, your walls and your decoration will reflect the luminosity which enters through your windows to multiply it in the room. Then choose white or beige to bathe your living room in a light that is both bright and soft. You can for example opt for a sofa or a white carpet to set the tone. Do not hesitate to create a shades of light colors for a very decorative effect.