File: the metal worktop

File: the metal worktop

Very design and futuristic, the metal kitchen worktop is an increasingly fashionable decoration product in kitchens. If its decorative side appeals to many people, it is also appreciated for its ease of maintenance and its functional side. Which metal plan to choose? How to clean it? This file answers all your questions.

The different types of metal worktops

When you renovate or change your kitchen, the important question to ask yourself is what type of work plan to choose to properly arrange your room? Rest assured, the metal worktop adorns all styles of cuisine; from contemporary cuisine to professional cuisine. In fact, many chefs have opted for this work plan, which is both clean and professional. Aluminum, stainless steel, aluminum or zinc ... there are different materials used to make a metal worktop. The advantage is that the worktop is much lighter than a wooden or ceramic worktop and therefore more manageable. It also goes well with any interior, whether the kitchen furniture is old or modern. Many advantages that explain the success of metal worktops!

Choosing the right metal worktop model

Your choice is made! You want to invest in a metal worktop. But which materials to choose: stainless steel, aluminum, steel? The choice is difficult and strategic. To give a professional look to your room, it is best to choose a stainless steel worktop. The advantage of stainless steel is that you have the choice between smooth, satin or matt stainless steel. It is therefore easy to find the work plan suitable for your kitchen. For example, if it is a modern kitchen with glossy lacquered furniture, then it is better to turn to an aluminum worktop.

Maintain your metal worktop

Unlike the wooden worktop, the metal worktop is very impact resistant and can be "almost" cleaned easily. Indeed, to remove traces of water or grease, just pass a small wet sponge with a drop of washing up liquid and voila! Unfortunately, aluminum or stainless steel are subject to traces of limescale. To avoid this, follow the advice of grandmothers: use natural products. After cleaning the plan, simply wipe with a soft cloth moistened with baby massage oil. This oil is used for finishing and protection; a perfect two-in-one!