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Low consumption household appliances to save money

Low consumption household appliances to save money

In the home, household appliances are now adapting to our environmental requirements. And thanks to eco-friendly household appliances, not only is the planet better preserved, but we also save money in terms of bills. Then discover some tips for choosing the right appliance and saving money.

Read the appliance energy label

First of all, you should know that according to Ademe, 2/3 of the electricity of a French household is used for the operation of household appliances. The importance of choosing them well becomes obvious. We prefer them to consume less energy in order to reduce our footprint on the environment but also to reduce our electricity and water bills. To help us in our choice, an energy label has been affixed on large household appliances since 1992. And since 2011, it has evolved to best meet our expectations by integrating more precise classifications. Also to afford a washing machine or a refrigerator that consumes less energy, we will now go to devices with the mention A, A +, A ++ or A +++ which guarantee the performance of your purchase in terms of energy.

Choose smart devices

But it is not only the energy label that can guide you in the purchase of your low-consumption appliances. Indeed, there are now smart devices that actively work to reduce the energy bill but also waste. You will be able to equip yourself with a washing machine which calculates the amount of water needed but also the detergent according to the weight of the laundry and its degree of soiling. Many washing machines also allow clothes to be washed at low temperatures in order to consume less electricity.

Focus on innovation and performance

In terms of refrigerators, the innovations are also notable. Our fridges are now better designed to keep the cold at best and avoid wasting energy. And to increase their performance, always be careful not to place it near a heat source as it would then consume more energy. Finally, even the lighting of the refrigerators has been redesigned and we are now using LEDs which are very energy efficient. On the oven side, we put on low temperature models which allow energy savings because even if the cooking is longer, the temperature is better proportioned and allows to achieve about 30% savings compared to traditional cooking .