Arrange a baby room in the master bedroom

Arrange a baby room in the master bedroom

The family is growing and you want to install the latest baby in your room? Do not panic ! With the new furniture and decorative accessories, you can now arrange two separate spaces while maintaining a coherent decoration in the room. Choice of colors, furniture or bed linen, every detail is important to successfully assemble two pieces in one!

Find a common thread

So that the space reserved for your infant does not clash with yours, it is essential to respect a unity of tone and style. We therefore avoid overbidding and decorative bias, on the baby side as well as that of the parents: no excess fluff, furniture or colors too connoted adults or children. Exit also furniture and accessories that are not directly related to the room (desk, toys, library ...). It is important that the room remains dedicated to everyone's rest and is not too crowded.

Choosing the right furniture

If you benefit from a substantial surface, why not clearly delimit the parent and child space? A nice screen or a judiciously placed Japanese panel will allow you to maintain a minimum of privacy. For small rooms, choose furniture that saves space (wall-mounted changing table, dresser-changing table, etc.) and limit the number so as to allow smooth circulation. Finally, think of the new products for children (designer changing tables and cribs, baby bed linen with a contemporary look, etc.) that will perfectly match your ambiance without losing their childish touch.