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Zoom on the small household appliances of spring!

Zoom on the small household appliances of spring!

To meet your fresh and light culinary desires to prepare for sunny days, you will be able to offer you new household appliances. Zoom on the devices of spring which will allow you to prepare beautiful salads, smoothies or even steamed fish.

Robots for making salads

With the sun coming up, the urge to salad is felt! And to help you concoct planters of vegetables, macedoine and other grated vegetables, you will find very ingenious robots. With the Moulinex Fresh Express robot or even the Magimix multifunction robot, you will be able to grate, slice, cut but also make macédoines thanks to an accessory which makes it possible to cut into cubes. Suffice to say that your salads have never been so beautiful!

Blenders for smoothies

From spring onwards, the fruits never cease to make an eye on us. Also to consume them more easily we opt for a fun and above all delicious way: the smoothie. It's very simple, just mix fresh fruit in a blender to get a thick and tasty drink. Also think of citrus juicers that will allow you to make good juices to fill up on vitamins.

Steam cookers to keep the line

Finally, because spring is also the season when we prepare our line for the summer and the swimsuit test, it is more than recommended to eat healthy. For this, the steamer is your ally because you can cook vegetables and fish without adding fat and keeping the flavors of the product. Discover our selection of home appliances for spring: