What flooring for my living room?

What flooring for my living room?

Today the choice of floor coverings is vast: parquet, carpet, tiles, stone, seagrass ... Several criteria are to be taken into account to guide you in your choice: the price, but also the ease of maintenance, the configuration of the room and of course your personal tastes. We have listed for you the advantages and disadvantages of each type of flooring, to help you transform and personalize your stay. Follow the guide !

Parquet as flooring in my living room

The parquet creates a friendly atmosphere. Excellent thermal insulator, it is ideal for living rooms. Be careful however to choose it of good quality: the living room being a room with very frequent passage, it is better to choose a solid parquet for its durability. The latter, however, requires regular maintenance, unlike floating floors. If you do not have the budget to install parquet, opt for vinyl imitation wood slats: it has the advantage of being very resistant and easy to install, in addition to being at low prices!

Tiling, an easy-care flooring in the living room

Very easy to maintain, the tiling will prove to be your best ally in the living room, especially if you have a large family that involves a regular visit. Despite the cold feeling it brings into the room, it gives a feeling of volume thanks to the return of light. The colors and decoration of the tiles are also varied, which allows it to match the rest of the decoration and thus personalize your stay. Another alternative to tiling: porcelain stoneware. Resistant and non-porous, it perfectly imitates many materials, natural or not.

Carpet in my living room

It is the warmest and softest floor covering. Relatively inexpensive, the carpet is easy to lay but much more difficult to clean and maintain. The living room, the main living space of the house, is therefore not really suitable for this type of flooring which wears out faster than the others. Carpet tiles are an interesting option, however: they give a surprising graphic effect and can be changed in no time!

Natural stone

We often hesitate to choose it as an interior floor covering, yet the stone brings a noble and authentic aspect to the living room. Very resistant, it is available in multiple shades and aspects. However, with stone, there are installation and maintenance constraints, and its price remains quite high.

Shopping: what's new in terms of flooring?

This year offers a multitude of innovations in the world of flooring. The Around the Wall brand is launching its self-adhesive PVC tiles: practical and economical, they allow a change of atmosphere without embarking on large-scale works! The Vorwerk brand offers carpet tiles with inspired patterns. Finally, why not turn to waxed concrete, tiling in reconstituted stones (Carrelages Pierra) or even sisal (large choice at Saint Maclou), which perfectly support the wear of a living floor?