White: more than ever in trend!

White: more than ever in trend!

Timeless but not monotonous, white offers a wide range of colors, reflections and textures which allows us to renew and update it according to decor trends. Discover in this file all the applications of white in all rooms of the house.

The slightly tinted whites

- White is tinged with pink or mauve for a room with a cocooning atmosphere. - An ounce of gray makes white design and bright in a contemporary living room. - Combined with a touch of beige, white gives a living room a touch of chic countryside.

Matt, satin, lacquered, lime for what style?

- Lacquered, white establishes a sleek and design style. - Powdered or matte, it coats a room with a cozy softness. - White lime paint will immediately give a house a seaside look. - Finally, more classic, a white satin paint brings brightness and light to a room. All about white as decoration, it's in this file!