Place a pebble frieze on the wall

Place a pebble frieze on the wall

Question from Marina


Answer: the pebble friezes must be laid in strips with adhesive cement and the joints made with water-repellent joint

Hello Marina, you want to put a pebble frieze between your sink and the mirror in your bathroom: this is a very original idea! We therefore assume that you do not have tiling there. The rollers are sold in strips and positioned on a trellis to facilitate installation. First, neatly glue your wall with cement glue using a trowel (as for laying tiles) over the entire width and length of the desired frieze. Position your pebble frames side by side in a meticulous manner. Leave to dry overnight and then make the joints with waterproof seal. Do not forget to clean the excess with a damp sponge, avoiding pressing too hard to avoid digging the joints! You too, send us your decoration question