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Special child: these decorative objects to color or paint!

Special child: these decorative objects to color or paint!

On the menu of the day: a fun decor, a creative decor, a decor of small artists. The drawings and coloring emancipated themselves away from the white sheets to flourish on the walls, at the table, in a doll's house or on a soft toy. A real childhood dream!

A roll of coloring paper

Imagine a giant coloring page hanging on the walls of the children's room, installed on the table as if it were a tablecloth or on the floor for a 100% artistic session. This coloring is a roll of 3 meters by 90 cm on which is drawn a funny world where dragons rub shoulders with princess castles, funny animals, pretty houses or planes. He only asks to come to life with colors…

A teddy bear to personalize

It is all white, it is covered with a very resistant paper, but above all, it likes to be personalized with felt-tip drawings, stickers, glitter or even little words! At Serendipity, it is difficult to resist the teddy bear "Teddy Bear in paper", which has become unique once customized by young and old!

A castle, a hut or a farm to play, to paint

These are original cardboard doll houses to build… and paint yourself! Placed on the ground, these houses resemble a princess castle, a superb tree house or a farm with its stable and its courtyard reserved for animals. But above all, they are adorned with color and patterns or designs chosen and made by each child!

Coloring placemats

Placemats printed in recycled paper to color, this is a great idea for children to participate in the decoration of the table! An original idea, very welcome during a birthday snack, a meal welcoming a classmate or even during a long family lunch! Instead of being bored, toddlers will have plenty to keep busy and have fun…