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How to cover the plaster in the bathroom?

How to cover the plaster in the bathroom?

Question from Mireille


Answer: sand and coat the plaster before painting and undercoating then painting on the tiles

Hello Mireille, you need to redo your bathroom. You have tiling up to mid-height and white plaster which no longer suits you on the rest of the height as well as on the ceiling. Plaster is quite difficult to remove. The easiest way is to sand it lightly and then re-coat it in two coats to obtain a smooth finish. Then, you are free to apply a paint (lacquer finish because it is more resistant in a bathroom). Paneling is definitely not recommended in a damp room. As for the tiling, it is entirely possible for you to paint it after having cleaned it with acetone and having applied an undercoat of adhesion on the tiles and the joints. Finally, you can apply 2/3 coats of special bathroom paint. You too, send us your decoration question