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Uproot a shrub

Uproot a shrub

Why pluck a shrub?

There are several reasons for wanting to uproot a shrub. You may wish to modify the layout of your garden and replace an old shrub with a new one or simply move it. You may also want to get rid of an aging or dead shrub.

What tools for successful uprooting of a shrub?

To uproot a shrub according to the rules of the art, you will generally need an ax, a spade and a pickaxe.

How to pluck a shrub?

The uprooting of a shrub must follow a few precise rules if one wants to avoid damaging the soil. The first stage of uprooting consists in removing the secondary branches at the base of the trunk. In a second step, it is necessary to cut the small unnecessary trunks of the shrub close to the ground. Then, we dig a deep trench around and as close as possible to the stump. As time goes by, the updated tracing roots are cut before slicing at an angle under the stump. And, to finish the uprooting, it only remains to tip the stump to extract it from the ground. If one wishes to replant the shrub elsewhere, it will rather be necessary to dig off the trunk and to beak underneath by prying to uproot the shrub without damaging its roots.