Video: a table decoration that smells like spring

Video: a table decoration that smells like spring

Spring has just arrived. In order to celebrate it as it should be, the editorial staff offers you a table setting in pop and vibrant colors…

Watch the video :

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The essential element to decorate your spring table: color. So do not hesitate to make your table burst with light! Start with a colorful tablecloth to define the trend of the decor and the color code. However, prefer pop colors to overly aggressive colors that will be less in line with the spring theme. Plates, glasses… everything goes to color for a refreshing effect. Consider combining genres and styles for a result that will be all the more decorative. For this decor we have chosen mismatched and colored glasses, which will have their effect. Who says spring, says flowers… So think about greening your table to let the sun in. What would a table made in without decorating tips? All you need is a little colored sand, and your glasses transform into a decorative candle holder. You had to think about it ... Replace the sand with a flower and your glass becomes a trendy flower pot. Also remember to cut the heads of roses that you will place in a glass near each plate. The decorative effect is guaranteed!


To help you perfect the decor of your table, here are some shopping ideas: Tablecloth - ALINEA - 21 euros Plates - ALINEA Candlesticks - IKEA - 14.95 euros each Glasses - ALINEA - 11.40 euros 6 Glasses - FLY - 12.90 euros for the 6 Styling of the table: Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"