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Roof infiltration: what to do?

Roof infiltration: what to do?

Water infiltration often comes from the roof. If they are often not very serious, it also happens that they are the cause of major damage, so much so that it is necessary to take back frame and roof.

The reasons for roof infiltration

Most of the time, it is a roof defect that creates an infiltration problem, such as when a tile or a slate is moved by the wind, heavy rain or hail, or by an accumulation of snow. on a slightly sloping roof. The fault can also be due to the poor waterproofing of a roof terrace, to a TV antenna or a poorly installed roof window, to a poorly connected chimney or to a fault in the assembly of gutters. And when the insulator, in particular glass wool or rock wool, is soaked with water, it acts against its purpose: it no longer insulates the frame thermally and can even damage its structure.

Traces of infiltration on the roof

In general, these traces appear in a precise and limited place. The paint blisters, the coating degrades, halos and mold appear on the ceiling and on the walls. Be careful, however, this does not mean that the infiltration is located just above the spots. It is indeed possible that the water trickled before crossing the roof. Hence the importance of having a diagnosis made by a professional before starting work.

Solutions against roof infiltration

Better to react as quickly as possible as soon as a trace appears. Indeed, by acting quickly, probably it will be enough to replace the slates or the displaced or damaged tiles. The longer we wait, the greater the damage and the heavier the bill, even very heavy. It is therefore advisable to call a roofer as soon as possible, or a general building company. Please note, in the case of a flat roof, whether vegetated or not, it is essential to call on a specialist in this field.

Guarantees and insurance against roof infiltration

If your roof is still covered by the ten-year guarantee, you can invoke the civil liability of the roofer or the builder, if however you can provide proof that your roof has been regularly maintained. See also with your insurance company. As part of your home insurance, perhaps, depending on the case, the restoration work will be taken care of.