The Scotch® has more than one decorative trick in its bag!

The Scotch® has more than one decorative trick in its bag!

Gluing an object or a paper using adhesive tape is a gesture that we are completely familiar with. The Scotch® created the event when it was put on the market! Today, taping (the verb is now part of the French dictionary!) Makes our daily lives easier and Scotch® is one of the favorite office supplies for French people. The 3M company, which launched at the beginning of the XXth century the adhesive tape with the famous Scottish print, has not stopped since developing and declining its invention. Back on a tartan color saga!

Once upon a time there was the birth of Scotch® adhesive tapeā€¦

In 1925, Richard Drew, a young engineer at 3M, went to a body shop in St Paul (United States). He is indeed looking for a solution to solve the problem of delimiting the color zones when painting bodywork (in those years, fashion was for two-tone cars). He will develop, during the year, the first masking tape: it is a wide plastic strip of which only the two edges are self-adhesive in order to facilitate bonding and peeling. When the workers discover it, they immediately conclude that 3M has sought to save glue. They then baptized the product "Scotch® Tape" in reference to the legendary greed of the Scots! 3M adopts this name and makes it its trademark. All Scotch® adhesive tapes are, again and again, adorned with the famous Scottish tartan. Originally intended for "industrial" use, Scotch® adhesive tapes are now found in schoolchildren's bags or in the office!

An essential everyday tool

Whether in stationery, decoration or for everyday tasks, Scotch® provides us with many services. Repositionable, double-sided, masking tape for DIY ... the famous adhesive tape comes in many forms and bends to our daily needs. Over 35 million rolls are sold each year on the French market (all brands combined). This represents more than a billion meters of adhesive tape! For several years, Scotch® has been playing the decor card by offering reels with design and aesthetic shapes. After the stilletto dispenser launched in 2011 for the brand's 50th anniversary, 3M called on the famous designer Karim Rashid, who imagined a dispenser with clean lines that also acts as a clipboard. This is what (re) make us want to get started in collage without moderation!