What to do in the garden in April?

What to do in the garden in April?

In April, the weather becomes milder and spring is felt. It is high time to take care of your garden to prepare it for summer! Rosenn Le Page, horticultural engineer and author of many books, gives us her advice to take good care of her garden in April. Interview by Caroline Delman

What are the three things to do in your garden in April?

April is the beginning of the summer season for the garden. It is therefore necessary to rid it of winter residues to prepare it to accommodate plants and a vegetable patch. My first advice is to clean up the garden by removing weeds, dead leaves, unwanted vegetation. You have to scratch the ground to break the crust formed during the winter. My second tip is to take care of the lawn. She doesn't like winter. To restore vitality and beauty, remove the moss (which can quickly spread), remove the weeds and apply fertilizer. Note that products combining weedkillers and fertilizers exist. Be careful when you pass the fertilizer not to return twice to the same place. To avoid this, you can get dye in a garden center that will allow you to visually distinguish the places already treated (the color goes with the rain). Finally my third advice is to fertilize the earth. To do this dig it up and add organic compost for example.

What to do for your plants in April?

April is also a crucial month for plants. It is necessary to prune the shrubs after their flowering, to plant the perennials and to create the flower beds. For planters with geraniums for example, wait until the end of April to be sure that the cold episodes have passed. As for annual plants, wait until May to plant them.

What to do in the vegetable patch in April?

We do everything! April is the ideal month to buy and plant vegetables and aromatic plants. Remember before planting, beaking and fertilizing the soil with fertilizer or organic compost. I recommend for certain vegetables such as salads, zucchini, tomatoes or cabbage to buy them in young plants. Vegetables having already grown a little, it is easier to maintain for neophytes. But it is not possible for all vegetables. For beans or peas for example, we are forced to plant seeds. Finally, regarding watering, if it does not rain I advise watering once a week in April, since the weather is not yet too dry. For more info: The great guide to the new vegetable patch
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