Snow White decor

Snow White decor

On April 11, the dark rooms make us rediscover a story that rocked the childhood of each of us, all ages combined: that of Snow White, in film! So while waiting for Julia Roberts, who embodies the wicked witch, and Lily Collins, in the skin of the princess with black hair like ebony, tell us this mythical tale, let us be inspired to decorate the bedroom of little girls, far snapshots of Disney cartoon accessories.

A large mirror

"Oh mirror, my beautiful mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful". By listening to the cult sentence of the tale of Snow White, we are at least sure of one thing: impossible to do without a beautiful vintage mirror to set the scene. We particularly love the replica of an old mirror, the "Venice mirror" signed Serendipity. Its golden frame and the possibility of overcoming it with a pair of wings gives it a truly magical look…

A giant apple

Another essential: a decorative apple, to make a nod to the poisoned apple offered to Snow White by her wicked stepmother. So that it is clearly visible in the bedroom, it is preferred in an oversized version. This is the case of the Cores da Terra model: a large, round apple to be placed on the ground and available in white, green, black and red. No need to specify the color that best embodies the story!

The universe of the forest

Since it is in the woods that Snow White gets lost before finding refuge in the house of the 7 dwarfs, it is wise to take inspiration from the forest and its animals to decorate your princess' room. You choose between a strip of wallpaper adorned with the elegant silhouette of birch trees to find at Moove Paper, stickers of rabbits, squirrels, fawns, hedgehogs and mushrooms like those of Domestic or even a poetic wall trophy in the shape of a deer to find on the side of Fleux.

A princess castle

It is in a castle that the story of Snow White begins, it is in a castle that it ends. In other words, that good reasons to bring the dream home of girls in their room. The choice is wide: a large cardboard castle to decorate yourself available at Arteum, a beautiful sticker in the shape of a fairy castle to decorate the wall such as that of Art for Kids, or even a princess bed thanks to a sky pink or purple bed. And for this last component, head for Vertbaudet!