How to choose a portal

How to choose a portal

The portal is the showcase of your house and your garden. The first thing we see. So choose it to your image! Materials and shapes are to be selected according to practical and aesthetic criteria. Discover the different types of portals and how to choose them properly thanks to the advice of Camille Mouly, product manager at Lapeyre.

Aluminum gates

Aluminum gates are on the rise and are selling more and more. Their strengths? Minimal maintenance, great robustness and a choice of varied colors for the decorative side. Colors are more and more present on portals, often at the request of customers.

Steel gates

These are the portals that we see most frequently. They are resistant and adapt to different styles. It is also possible to paint and repaint them to change colors according to your wishes. Note: steel gates must be treated with anti-corrosion treatment. They can be processed by the seller but it costs around 300 euros (Lapeyre offers a 10-year warranty with this service).

Wooden gates

They were believed to be on the decline with the arrival of steel and then aluminum gates, but they resist! They are mainly found in the gardens of charming houses or with a certain style. The solid wood gate must also be stained every year, which requires regular maintenance. But its charm is incomparable…


There are three different styles of gates: straight simple gates, semi-curved gates in gendarme hat, or completely curved gates. Finally, the gates can also be full, semi-solid or openwork.

The prices

Finally, prices vary mainly depending on the materials chosen. On average, a PVC gate costs around 300 euros (for a small format), a steel gate costs around 400 euros, a wooden gate costs around 500 euros and an aluminum gate around 750 euros.