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How to choose your washbasin for the toilet?

How to choose your washbasin for the toilet?

The toilets are a particularly difficult part of the house to furnish: its limited surface leaves little room for storage and the various elements dedicated to hygiene. The hand basin with its small size is therefore perfectly suited to places of toilet. Tips and tricks for choosing the right one.

It's all about form

Above all, you have to choose your washbasin according to the surface and the layout of your toilet. If the latter are rather long, the rectangular shape is the most suitable. If the room is square, we prefer the corner hand wash. Finally, if your toilet is really small, choose the toilet with integrated hand basin. A clever alternative to traditional toilets and separate hand basins, this dual-purpose sanitary has a hand basin above the toilet. The water that you will use to wash your hands will therefore go directly to the toilet flush tank and will therefore be recycled. Practical and ecological!

Optimize your washbasin space!

Today, brands offer a real choice in the shapes, materials, and elements associated with your washbasin. There are indeed many basins that can be placed on small width furniture, which allow to store the essential elements for the maintenance of toilets and hygiene accessories. Also think of associating a nice mirror to your washbasin and adding little "extras" decoration that will enhance your washbasin (terry towel, capillina, etc).