A mirror to enlarge the space

A mirror to enlarge the space

In decoration, mirrors can really change the proportions of a room. Depending on the shape of your mirror and where you place it, you can visually enlarge your space. Explanations.

The shape of the mirror

You should know that it is the shape of the mirror that will mainly determine the effect in your interior. To enlarge a room, you will have to choose a large mirror to reflect the light as much as possible. Then, favor simple shapes that will not visually clutter the wall. Be aware that to give a room more room, we will bet on a long mirror while to give room height, we will prefer a long and narrow mirror that we will place vertically. Not only will this type of mirror decorate your wall, but it will also energize it. The effect resembles stripes that we would run on the wall.

The location of the mirror

To maximize the effects of your mirror, you can place it on a wall already occupied by furniture. It will, for example, help to give more perspective to the wall behind a sofa or low cabinet. By placing the mirror in a window, you will bring more light into your room, which will visually enlarge the space. Discover our selection of mirrors to enlarge the space.