Repainting its facade

Repainting its facade

A refurbished facade immediately gives a facelift to a house. If the operation is simple, it however requires to prepare the walls well and to follow some rules.

Clean the facade before repainting

Use a high pressure cleaner to pre-clean the facade, such as Kärcher. Once the facade is clean, you can see if the paint has simply aged (the ideal case). You just have to apply an acrylic paint for the facade to end up with a (almost) new house. If the facade has small dents, you can sand it down to make the surface smoother.

Diagnose faults

If the facade is only dirty, no problem. But it can happen that it presents defects: molds, mosses, cracks (repairable with a special putty), chipping (the paint has lost its adhesion), chalking (the paint has worn out in the form of powder), blistering (the paint comes off in the form of blisters), crazing (small cracks), shading (altered shade).

Choose a suitable facade paint

Once you have identified the problem, it will be easier for you to find the correct paint. For a damaged, porous or chipped facade, and generally in a humid area or else with a large thermal amplitude between summer and winter, use a pliolite paint. Its defect: it feels strong on application. For a porous facade, with cracks or floury appearance, a hydropliolite paint is better suited. Finally for a facade exposed to the weather, opt for a siloxane paint. The pliolites and siloxanes paints have a smooth finish. On the other hand, for acrylic and hydropliolite paints, you have the choice between smooth or plastered appearance.

Ecological paints for facades

If the environment is your first concern, you can choose a silicate paint. It is a natural mineral paint, without solvents. The binder used is potassium silicate, extremely durable. The only flaw of this painting: its price, much higher than the others. Good to know : If you decide to hire a professional, you can possibly get help to renovate your facade. Contact the ANAH (National Agency for Home Improvement), as well as your municipality, department and region.