What color should you give with an industrial style living room?

What color should you give with an industrial style living room?

You dream of living in a Parisian loft, it is now possible. Then create a modern universe inspired by an industrial decoration with recycled materials and metal!

Gray red paint

To impregnate your painting with an industrial style in a New York loft style, do not hesitate to use red or gray to accentuate the metal side of your decoration. Recalling the metallic material of the furniture, these colors will accentuate the lines of industrial design.

White stone imitation or briquette facing

To imitate the bricks that generally make up the walls of a loft, know that you can always turn to wallpapers imitation brick facing. These are real trompe l'oeil dresses the space. They will give the impression of a real brick wall. In white or red, they will bring you a significant plus to give cachet to the room.

Concrete floor covering

For the floor, you can opt for a waxed concrete coating with a natural look. You will appreciate the ease of installation and the speed of cleaning. Functional and useful, the concrete for your floor will bring a raw and industrial appearance for an elegant atmosphere. These raw attributes reinforce the metallic character of the furniture.

Furniture from recovery

The furniture must be in line with this theme. Use salvage furniture. The former gives cachet to the loft spirit in a living room. In addition you can choose a decoration combining both the authentic and industrial spirit of the product. You can therefore orient yourself towards a product with nuances of wood and metal which will bring a touch of charm to your living room. Riveted metal dressers for example will accentuate the authentic and original side of the decoration. To give shine to your antique furniture, you can head for a varnish. Apply it by hand on your furniture and you can restore shine to the material to facilitate maintenance and accentuate the detail of the visible welds on certain furniture.