Zinc, decoration and us!

Zinc, decoration and us!

With its aged appearance and its gray variations, zinc is the ideal material for a loft, flea market or countryside atmosphere. We love it for its naturalness but also for its ease of maintenance. Combined with other raw materials such as stone, wood or slate, it brings a "factory chic" touch to any room in the house. How to integrate it into its interior, clean it and enhance it? We tell you everything!

Zinc, kesako?

Zinc is a blue-gray metal, worked until it takes the form of sheets or plates. Light and very resistant to water, it has the particularity of not rusting, hence its ancestral use for roofs. In recent years, it has entered our interiors and comes in the form of decorative accessories or furniture. Its sheets can also be used as a covering for a table or a worktop. Its astonishing longevity and its patina make it a material of choice in interior and exterior decoration.

A touch of authenticity

Zinc is a very aesthetic and inexpensive material, hence its important use in decoration. It obviously brings us back to the countryside atmosphere, at the time when the peasants offered him a place of choice for their work (watering cans, waterers for animals ...). Today, many brands are appropriating the codes and imagining new zinc accessories with a very retro look.

How to maintain it?

Raw zinc has a shiny appearance as long as it is not exposed to the weather. But very quickly, it skates by itself to offer this more or less white gray which characterizes it. To keep its beautiful light silver appearance, simply clean the surface with the hard side of a sponge and white vinegar, then rinse and coat it with a layer of black soap. If you want to keep the shine of zinc, you can cover it with a special varnish that can be applied with a brush.

Zinc in decoration

Zinc is a so-called raw material, like wood, brick or metal. Indoors, it goes perfectly with a loft or countryside atmosphere. For these two styles, muted tones are required, only the furniture changes! The loft atmosphere mainly favors industrial accessories: seats, letter carriers or zinc lockers will naturally find their place there. If you prefer the retro-countryside style, favor reissues of old objects (jar covers, soap dishes, hanging lights, etc.). Some even dare the zinc drinker diverted into a bathtub. Why not you ?