Separate a living room to create a children's corner

Separate a living room to create a children's corner

Question from Sandra


Answer: choose movable partitions like curtains or blinds

Hello Sandra, you have a small studio and you would like to separate the living room in order to give your daughter a little space, there are different possibilities, it all depends on your budget and your desires. There is the system of Japanese panels like that of Venetian blinds which are less expensive than California blinds. If your ceiling is not too high in the space provided, you can also opt for a rod on the ceiling on which you can hang pretty curtains. These partitions are interesting because they are mobile and can allow you, as you wish, to open or close the space. If in addition you are looking for a simpler solution, there is still the idea of ​​the screen and if on the contrary, you want something that integrates and merges into your space, you can call on a professional who will carry out tailor-made , a sliding door. You too, send us your decoration question