Bodum Bistro: will you take a green again?

Bodum Bistro: will you take a green again?

This is something that I did not imagine six months ago: I bought myself green pants. Those who read the women's press know what I'm talking about. Besides, by observing the street, I noticed that the colors had reappeared. And for household appliances too, we now have a choice, as confirmed by the expansion of the Bistro range from Bodum.

The bender Bistro blender takes on colors

Available since January, the Bodum bistro blender is a very nice model, in addition to offering a lot of functions (5 speeds which can all be associated with the pulse button). With a power of 500 W, it has a 1.25 l blender bowl. Finally, this blender has two openings on the bowl: one to retain unwanted residue inside, the other for thicker textures. The Bistro 11303 blender is available in green, red, black and white.

And the pastry robot too!

For ultra-chic and colorful cuisine, you can, from May 2012, combine the blender with the Bodum Bistro baking robot. Also presented in the same colors, this multi-function robot has three accessories: the whisk, the flat beater and the dough hook, as well as a bowl with a capacity of 4.7 l. Its power is 700 W and it can reach up to 13,000 revolutions per minute.

Bodum, Blender Bistro, 11303, green, red, black, white, around € 130 Bodum, Multifunctional robot Bistro, 11381, green, red, black, white, no price announced yet