In detail

The tiles make an impact!

The tiles make an impact!

Forget everything you know about tiling and discover it in a new light! If you had the image of a cold and uniform product, you will be surprised to discover a designer and warm tiling which participates visually and aesthetically to create unique atmospheres by playing on mimicry and trompe l'oeil.

From floor to wall

Often confined to the floor covering, 21st century tiles are also displayed on the walls. In particular in the water rooms or even the kitchens where there remains the darling in front of the tapestry and the painting. But finished the reign of the geometrical form and the monochrome tile, the wall tiles sport flashy colors, playful shapes, design and play the card of imitation material (wood, stone, slate, ceramic, glass etc).

Visual effect, material effect

You will certainly have to go through touch to believe your eyes! Wood imitation, stone imitation, on the floor as on the wall, the tiles play chameleons. Tiles that scramble the cards taking on the appearance of being mistaken for concrete, cement or even slate. A very design and ultra contemporary visual that will give your room a unique decor. These new generation tiles also have the significant advantage of being easy to maintain but also of being very resistant and, more often than not, less expensive than the materials they imitate.

Treat yourself to XXL floors

On the trendy side, XXL tiles have established themselves in recent years in all rooms of the house. Modern, design, it brings a unique atmosphere to any interior. Extra large formats that bring a real feeling of space to the rooms. The 10x10 cm or 20x20 cm tiles therefore tend to disappear in favor of these 60x60 cm or even 120x120 cm formats! And the icing on the floor, these tiles, most often sold as "rectified", allow very fine joints to be made. Or an aesthetic finish for an impeccable overall visual.