Focus on natural coatings

Focus on natural coatings

Beautiful and sometimes organic, natural coverings play the card of soft decor in our interiors. Small guide to what is being done in this area.

The floor

Parquet remains the most popular coating. For a natural and ecological product, prefer solid parquet floors preferably made with local woods such as oak, beech or pine. The parquet will create, in any room of your interior, a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Coconut and seagrass

This craze for natural floor coverings also benefits coco and seagrass. With its shades ranging from beige to brown, coco easily blends with all decorative styles. Resistant, it is well suited for large rooms and places of passage such as entrances. Its attractive price is one of its strengths. Seagrass is also making a remarkable comeback on the decorative scene. Bright and easy to maintain, this material made of woven aquatic plant fibers is also very resistant. Only downside for these two coverings, their somewhat rough texture is not suitable for all feet.

Natural linoleum

Finally, we do not always think of it when we talk about natural coatings but linoleum, not to be confused with PVC, is made with natural materials. A high quality coating which for a few years has known an increasing success in decoration. Colorful, imitation parquet, it will fulfill all your decorative desires on the ground side as the palette is endless. Comfortable, very resistant, antibacterial and easy to maintain, linoleum has it all!

Paintings and wallpapers

Your floors are not the only ones that can benefit from natural coatings. You can also use organic paints and ecological wallpapers for your walls. The first manufactured from components of vegetable and mineral origin exclude any chemical product. As for ecological wallpapers, the material used for their manufacture comes from sustainably managed forests. The ink on ecological wallpapers is solvent-free.