5 high-tech objects for the teenage bedroom

5 high-tech objects for the teenage bedroom

They love gadgets and have a soft spot for everything related to new technologies. So when the high-tech trend wins the decor of their room, teens do not say no! On the menu ? Latest generation objects with a cutting-edge design and equipped with a digital, light or musical system. Make way for ideas, help yourself!

A high-tech clock radio

It's the same refrain 5 days a week for teens. The alarm rings announcing a day of lessons, enough to curse this little device ... Unless you choose a model with electroluminescent dial, flashy dress code and revolutionary shape - round like a balloon, ultra flat or cube-like. Because with such a design, it will be impossible for them to hate it.

A high-tech lamp

Imagine a luminous ball changing colors, a light that lights up from head to toe or a fluorescent neon framing the door of the room. Teenagers will not say the opposite: high-tech decor also involves lighting!

A high-tech mirror

Does the word e-Mirror mean anything to you? It is the first… musical mirror. Equipped with an Apple dock, teens can connect their lovebird iPod or iPhone to listen to their favorite music while they prepare for the ice. On the aesthetic side, how not to fall for the black or white design of this jewel object, which is also equipped with LED lighting causing a sensation in the bedroom…

A high-tech seat

Light cubes are in the spotlight among teenagers who love new technologies! Once the night has come, these beanbags like no other emit an unexpected light that enchants the room. The other seat to consider? The i-Tam Tam. Although expensive, this object revisits the cult Tam Tam stool, a light and musical version thanks to its integrated docking station. This is the concept of the first degree musical chair!

A high-tech photo frame

If digital photo frames may seem useless in a room equipped with a computer, they become very practical in the teens' bedroom so that their latter can scroll through family vacation photos and souvenir photos of summer camps in their decor!