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French Garden, the small mobile garden

French Garden, the small mobile garden

French Garden is a small mobile garden, practical and design, ideal for having a mini vegetable garden or a mini garden in a small space, indoors and outdoors.

Some figures in the preamble

4 out of 5 French people consider the garden as a priority or important criterion when buying a house. 91% of them associate gardening with a notion of pleasure. 51% of French people who do not own a vegetable garden announce their desire to create one this year. A quarter of the French vegetable gardens have been created in the last five years. An average of 8 minutes a day given to his French Garden is enough to get a good and good harvest.

What is French Garden for?

French Garden is a mobile gardening container, using the square vegetable patch method. It was designed to be handy and easy to use. Its design is neat to find its place inside the house as outside. We use it to grow aromatic plants, cherry tomatoes, but also cacti, flowers, depolluting plants ... We place it and move it according to needs and desires.

What does French Garden look like?

French Garden consists of a high density polyethylene (HDPE) tub in a square shape, fixed on four aluminum feet (for more lightness). It can contain about 60 liters of potting soil. A drainage system, developed with agricultural consultants, allows the evacuation and recovery of water to avoid standing water. With a width of 70 cm, this mini garden easily passes the doors and thus moves without difficulty inside the accommodation or outside. French Garden is available in three colors: red, green or black. It is completely removable and can be stored intelligently in a small footprint. Bin, greenhouse and feet are clean and recyclable.

French Garden: classic or premium version?

The classic version is the simplest, with a fixed height of 75 cm, without wheels or shelf. The premium version also offers a removable greenhouse, a shelf, two directional casters and molded handles. Designed to be ergonomic, its size is adjustable between 55 and 85 cm to adapt to the size of the gardener.

French Garden: where and at what price?

French Garden is available at 300 points of sale in France (Truffaut, Jardiland, Gamm Vert, etc.) and on the website Its price: from € 99 for the classic version, and from € 179 for the premium version. To find out more or order: