Eco friendly for the little ones

Eco friendly for the little ones

For children, green decoration is also fun! Eco-designed monster stickers, organic cotton comforters in the shape of radishes or skulls, a sheep shelf in recycled cardboard or super original pebble pencils ... discover our quirky and eco-friendly selection.


Find at the French brand Contemplatives stickers printed with water-based eco-solvent inks and without toxic products. No risk in the room of your toddlers, these stickers do not release any POV (volatile organic compound). Not even afraid of their range Monstrochoux ! Small colored men, full of big eyes and big teeth but super tender.

Baby blankets / pillows

Children's cushions are not lacking in spice! In Léléwou , the 100% cotton models are handmade in France. We fall for the giant cushion in the shape of a giant stop and for the model La Tête à Toto which takes us back to our old school notebooks. The brand NYC egg also offers a comforter pirate head in baby Alpaca, a natural fiber warmer than wool and even softer than cashmere. Each piece is knitted by hand in Bolivia, fairly.

Recycled cardboard

Favorite for the signed shelf Strange Design sheep-shaped, made from 100% recycled cardboard. Same raw material at Cocobohème with models of hangers, cat or dog, for a guaranteed decorative effect.

But also…

Also discover pebble pencils, composed of beeswax, soy and natural pigments, made and molded by hand in the USA. In Papiluc , the piggy bank made in France, made of beech wood from sustainably managed forests, takes the form of a chewable apple! In the opening photo, the ghosts in recycled paper will squat the decoration of the ceilings. A mobile to find on the site.